Domestic violence is an umbrella term used to classify a variety of crimes in which an individual physically assaults a family member or significant other. This broad classification can also be used if the actions of the abuser have placed the victim in fear of imminent physical harm. Additionally, California law mandates that an incident can be referred to as domestic violence if the victim is a roommate, a former roommate, or somebody the alleged abuser used to date.

The broad definition of domestic violence in the state of California adds an additional complication to what can already be a difficult situation for those who have been charged with this type of crime. However, a talented criminal defense attorney can help you sort through the complexities related to your case. With our help, it may be possible for you to have your sentence reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor or even to obtain dropped charges.

The Repercussions For Domestic Violence Charges

All domestic violence cases hold the potential for very harsh sentencing. The extent of an accused individual’s sentence depends greatly on whether it is classified as a misdemeanor or a felony. Typically, misdemeanor sentences include mandatory domestic violence counseling, fines, community service, no contact orders and up to six months of jail time. For felonies, the counseling, no contact orders and community service requirements remain the same, but fines and time behind bars are increased. Domestic violence felons can spend up to three years in jail.

The consequences do not end after accused individuals have served their required sentences. Landlords and employers may express reluctance to be associated with those who lack clean records. Additionally, a history of domestic violence can make it all but impossible for those in the midst of divorce to obtain custody of their children. Given the extent of these repercussions, it is of urgent necessity for anybody accused of committing domestic violence to seek counsel from a trustworthy criminal defense lawyer.

Domestic Violence Defense at the Law Offices of Carson

A passionate criminal law firm, our attorneys provides aggressive defense for clients who have been accused of committing domestic violence. Our non-judgmental approach is greatly appreciated by his clients, as is our wealth of knowledge regarding California’s criminal justice system. For high-quality criminal defense from a Riverside lawyer you can trust, reach out to the Law Offices of Carson.